Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves

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 Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves

Q1:How to turn off/on  the gloves?
Press and hold the button when you see the lights out/on.
Q2: When i connected the batteries, switch button flickering in three color but gloves didn’t heat up.
Three color flicker means the batteries are ready to go, the correct way to active the gloves is to HOLD the button for 2-3 sec until the lights on.
Q3:Can i machine wash the gloves?
No, machine wash will damage the inside heated element.Brush clean is always recommended.
Q4: Gloves only heats for about 30 minutes then went off when i first use it.
Most of batteries won’t come in fully charged status so that’s why you need to recharge them for at least 12 hours when you receive it.
Q5: Is it available for screen touch?
No, it’s not a screen touch gloves.


Release pain and numb

Raynaud's can cause pain("pins and needles" sensation), paleness, and sensations of cold and/or numbness when exposed to cold temperatures.   when the episode subsides or the area is warmed, the blood flow returns, and the skin color first turns red, and then back to normal---- From Wikipedia


With the help of heated gloves, it increase blood flow to prevent your hands from getting pain and numb in cold weather.  The heat was started from back of the hands and then slowly goes to fingers it will take few minutes(8 up to 15min ) to feel the entire heat running through your fingers.

Keep your hands stay warm and cozy while you shovel snow in winter.

For those who work in the freezer, having a decent quality heated gloves is essential.

Great for people who love riding motocycle and it also perfect for any kinds of outdoor sport in winter.