Bluetooth Shower Speaker

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Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Take the Music with You Wherever You Go… Get iFox – The Waterproof Speaker with Incredible Sound!

Our Vision

At iFox Creations, we believe that life is about enjoyment and adventure, and that the best moments flow from the simplest pleasures: a walk on the beach at sunset, a road trip with friends, a summer BBQ, or giving a loved one a gift you know they'll love.

Our speakers are designed to bring people together- to inspire thoughts and experiences, to offer companionship.... and above all, to make moments special.

  • The iF012 is waterproof, durable and so stylish it's sure to turn heads and make a splash at any occasion!
  • From kitchen to bath, yard to pool, or picnic to beach, it doesn't matter... the iF012 is sure to enhance your experience and increase the fun!


About Us

iFox Creations is a small, family-run company with a passion for truly innovative audio products. We have built our reputation on the belief that a customer's delight is the most important thing.


Start the day the right way..... with a song in your heart and a pep in your step!


  • Nothing says ‘start the day the right way’ like a pre-breakfast gig for one! Whether you’re psyching up for an important meeting, seeking a state of zen ahead of a big exam or just fancy yourself as the next Adele…. the right music can boost your mood and get you firing on all cylinders, long before your morning coffee!
  • Easily connect your bluetooth device to your smartphone, your iF012 is sure to bring some fun to your daily routine!
  • Stick it almost anywhere- each waterproof outdoor speaker also features a stable suction cup bottom that lets you stick it to shower walls, car windows, desktops, bathroom tile, kitchen counters, and anywhere you want great sound.





 As a gift, it's a HIT... just wait for the smile!


  • The iF012 is a truly unique and memorable gift for anyone - young or old - who loves their music and values their freedom. It's ultra portable, easy to use, certified waterproof and built to last
  • The recipient will be grateful when they unwrap the iF012, but will REALLY thank you when they use it
  • When it comes to music, the rights song can power you throughout the day, make you feel happy, bring back great memories, and lift your spirits. The iF012 offers goegeous sound in every environment!






 Shower, Bath and....Beyond?

Great Sound on the go!

Small, lightweight and boasting an impressive battery life, you can listen to Spotify or iTunes wherever you are.... and with crystal clarity.


A companion during any activity - strenuous or relaxing!

Use the iF012 anywhere- get a call while your hands are busy? no problem. Just use the incredibly handy speakerphone function!



So versatile!

The iF012 is perfect for all occasions, not just within the confines of the bathroom. With numerous ways to connect, anyone can fill the air with great sounds in seconds!