Fried Egg Mold Ring Pancake Cooker

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Fried Egg Mold Ring Pancake Cooker

Are you tired of try so much way to let your child like eat eggs?
Do your children have no appetite because of the monotonous daily breakfast?
Do you want to know the secret of frying a nice sunny-side up egg to attract your child eat more?
Egg mcmuffin, a sandwich that looks simple but is devilishly difficult to make... until now. With MayPal Stainless Steel Fried Egg Molds you can make the tricky look easy and you can learn here how to cook different shape egg for your sandwich at home.

The Excellent design will help you to make a five-star breakfast for your lover as well as your family. A warm and loving breakfast will make you and your family energetic all day. 
Loving and funny breakfast, let the child more like, no longer worry for his anorexia.

But how to use those egg rings to fry an egg in oil?
Step 1:Frying eggs with oil
Step 2:You may ask how hot to fry an egg? When the oil to shimmer then to add the egg, and your egg should sizzle heartily when it hits the pan otherwise it's going to slowly seep under the ring. 
Step 3:Keep it hot to fry an egg! You should give it another 20 or 30 second on a high heat so that you can be sure the base of the egg has started cooking.
Step 4:Is your egg cooked? Give it a waggle! If it's cooked you'll feel the ring begin to pull away, just carry on and take that ring off.
Step 5:Finished and Enjoy it with your family.

1.Please grease the mold inside and outside with the oil brush before cooking to prevent the fried egg stuck on the mold.
2.You'd better to press the handle of the mold for a while when you pouring the egg into molds to prevent egg leak out from the side.
3.They are just a cookware tool, You can using your imagine to play their greatest use.