Hexcup Beer Pong Set

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Hexcup Beer Pong Set

Worlds Best Beer Pong Cup


Are you tired of having to tell someone to straighten out the cups or ask them to move one back into place after it shot across the table? Are you ready to experience the best? We are, and we're sure you are too.

Introducing Hexcup, the world's best beer pong cups. We set out to make an unparalleled product, and we think we have hit the mark.

Our research told us that there are three features which will solve the biggest problems plaguing the cups currently offered for the game of beer pong. Being mechanical engineers, we had the training necessary to properly bring these elements together into the best beer pong cup that the world has seen. Our cups deliver:

  • Perfect Re-racks in 1/4 the Time With No Gaps
  • No Ghosting (movement during play)
  • Exceptional Durability

Funded on Kickstarter:

Here's what people are saying:

“Finally something for my OCD.”

“They are weirdly perfect.”

“The perfect beer pong experience. No more lipped cups boys.”

“These are game changers and we need them ASAP.”

“It’s beer pong at the highest level. I can’t wait for my next game.”

About the Startup:

We are mechanical engineers who met in our college days and had a crazy idea to create something that had never ben done before. In the basement of a fraternity house, Hexcup was born.

We perfected our idea over several years and launched the product on Kickstarter. We were overwhelmed with the response from family, friends, and the community. After raising 216% of our goal, we set up to establish a retail presence.

We have learned a lot in a short amount of time and have had a blast. We hope you will consider picking up a set and trying out our invention! The 2-man company is located in the small town of Sedalia, MO.

3 Enhanced Features:

Our honeycomb inspired design eliminates wasted space and allows for some pretty interesting re-racks that can be in any shape or logo you can image. Since the cups nest so closely together, you can have a perfect re-rack, every time.

We upgraded the game of beer pong with our custom designed Hexcups. Now it's your turn. Tell us how you'll use the red ball to create a Game Changing rule. If it gets enough votes, we'll make it official!

Our Patented design breaks the surface tension of liquids on the table allowing the cup to stay stationary during the game, so when you are on fire you don't get robbed like a newb.