Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

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Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

Product introduction:

1.It is a good choice as a gift for friends/ relatives.
2.As a unique work of art, it can be put in many where such as the living room or Office making space more creative.
3.Turn on the globe LED lights make the globe sphere look more beautiful.
4.It is unimaginable that globe has been suspended in the air to turn.£¿

Applicable scene:

Office, coffee shop, birthday, living room, den, Christmas gifts"

Product information:
Color:Dark blue
Ballsize: 6 inches packing
Book Dimension: L 8.1X W6.1 X H1.0 inches
Weight : 2.8lbs
Ball material: environmental protection impact resistant olystyrene
Light switch :touch switch

Packing List:
6 inches globe x1
AC power adapter (110~220V) x1
Bluetooth speaker base x1

First step, please put the magnetic suspension base on the level of the desktop, if the desktop is not smooth, the globe will be unable to be suspended normally."
"Second step, please use the provided dedicated power adaptor to connect the magnetic base for power source."

"Third step, hold the globe by two hands and use your fingers to bear up the bottom of globe, and keep it away from the center of the base for about 10 CM, then slowly move it down to this center point without any hand shake."

"Fourth step, you will feel a strong force when it is 2 CM away from the center of base, to hold up the globe by two hands, and move left&right and up&down slowly around the center point of base. Finally release the globe slowly until it can float automatically"

Notice Attentions:
If you have failed to put the globe onto holder successfully for more than 5 times, you can unplug the power supply of holder and wait for several seconds before another trial.
If you won¡¯t use it in 48 hours, please store the globe and holder separately, otherwise it will affect its life-time.