Oto-Tip Soft Spiral Earwax Cleaner

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Oto-Tip Soft Spiral Earwax Cleaner

We all want our ears to feel clean, healthy, and happy. Clear Ear’s Oto-Tip is making ears happier.

Everyone from the doctor to the media has made you aware that you shouldn’t put things deep into your ears. Oto-Tip’s patented spiral spin technology provides you with a way to do daily ear cleaning that is safe, effective and easy to use.

I’ve always been told that you shouldn’t put anything in your ear – how safe is the Clear Ear Oto-Tip?

Very safe. The Oto-Tip has been designed with extensive medical consultation (including a Board Certified Ear-Nose-Throat Specialist and Head-Neck Surgeon) to ensure the safest, most effective product to remove cerumen.

What does the Oto-Tip feel like?

The Oto-Tip feels almost like a gentle massage. The tip is made from hypoallergenic silicone, so it is very soft and soothing. Your Oto-Tip should be enjoyable to use – if you feel any pain or discomfort, please stop immediately and seek medical advice.

Can my child use the Oto-Tip?

If your child is under three, please consult with their paediatrician before using the Oto-Tip. If you use the Oto-Tip with your child, ensure that either that they can communicate discomfort, or they can do it themselves under supervision of an adult, like you would if they were brushing their teeth.

How loud is the Oto-Tip?

Because the Oto-Tip goes into your ear canal, we designed it so that it was quiet and soothing, and have actively dampened the sound of the motor to a soft whir. Most people would listen to their music louder than the Oto-Tip

What kind of battery does the Oto-Tip take?

Your Oto-Tip comes with a CR2 battery already installed, so you simply remove the battery cap, and put in a new CR2 battery. These are widely available in most stores that sell batteries.

Can I damage my ear drum?

No. There are two key safety features that will prevent damage to your ear drum. The green shield combined with the length of the spiral tip prevents you inserting the tip too far into your ear.

I was using my Oto-Tip, and the tip came away from the shaft. Is it broken?

No, this is a safety feature. Because your ear canal is delicate and essential to your hearing and balance, the shaft was designed to disengage from the handle if you put too much sideways force that may cause irritation to the side of your ear canal.

A BETTER WAY TO CLEAN YOUR EARS: The Oto-Tip specializes in removing excess wax and can help maintain a healthy ear canal. With the simple push of a button, Oto-Tip automatically cleans your ears for you. As it spins, ear wax comes out and isn't pushed in further, due to Oto-Tip's mini-Archimede's screw shaped tip. Oto-Tip's safety cap keeps you cleaning in only your outer ear canal. By preventing you from inserting too deep, ear drum puncturing is prevented. When you're finished cleaning, pull out the tip an rinse under running water, and it's ready for your next ear cleaning.

  • Medical grade silicone tip
  • Automated spiral action to withdraw wax
  • Break-away feature to prevent too much pressure on the ear canal
  • Shield to prevent insertion too far into the ear
  • Reusable tips

ABOUT CLEAR EAR: We are a physician-engineer team who met at Stanford University and became interested in solving the problem of safe ear cleaning at home. Oto-Tip was designed based on the knowledge that the ear is self-cleaning. For those who have a normal level of ear wax and have been cleaning their ears daily or haven’t gotten in the habit of waiting for the wax to come out on its own, we know it’s hard to quit cleaning your ears cold turkey. For the first time, Oto-Tip can start getting you into this habit.

We worked with our ENT advisors to create an automated spinning swab that lets people get the enjoyment and satisfaction of cleaning their ears, but simultaneously limits them to only cleaning in the outer part of the canal where they can do it safely. No matter how hard they push, the built-in safety cap prevents the tip from ever hitting the ear drum or pushing the wax deeper and shoving it off the natural “conveyor belt”. It empowers you to leave the wax beyond the outer part of your ear canal alone until it’s time for it to come out naturally on its own.


SAFE: Our products are FDA listed and have been tested in medical centers to be gentle on the ears.

EFFECTIVE: Developed out of Stanford University, our patented ear cleaning technologies safely and efficiently remove ear wax.

EASY TO USE: Our "plug and play" products allow you to start cleaning your ears in no time.