SOS Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain

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SOS Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain

ANRUI Personal Protection Alarm is a free standing emergency/panic alarm system, ideal for the elderly, children, student, jogger, women, night owls, lone workers, home use,banks and anywhere the need to summon local emergency help or attention may be required. Press the of the white button or one pull of the Help Cord triggers an attention getting 120dB panic alarm. 

Press the RED button to activate the light,this is a bright white LED mini flashlight.
Press the WHITE button to activate the alarm, the Help Cord screams with it’s powerful 120dB siren. The siren will remain active until the button is released.

Higher performance acoustic design.  Sound waves travel outward from a speaker.  The is circular (like a speaker) so that the sound can build volume and crescendo from the speaker on the front of the device. Similar to an ambulance siren that projects the sound forcefully, the new design saturates the area in front of the circular speaker with piercing resonating sound. Operate by pulling the silver chain out of the with the design on it. To stop it, simply slide the silver thing back in.

This bright white LED mini for immediate area illumination in short distance, it offers a great assisstance when you are in darkness, such as find a key hole or find your seats in the theater.
And a kindly notice: If the project does not work for a long time, please test again. If the sound is smaller, please replace the batteries.To replace the batteries, just unscrew the back of the alarm with a micro screwdriver (small screws) and put in new (23V 12V battery) that can purchase in most battery stores.