Shame the Idiot Parkers of the World

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Shame the Idiot Parkers of the World

Start Winning the War Against Bad Drivers

How hard is it really to just park in the lines? Does that BMW really need to take up two spaces? I mean seriously. How inconsiderate are these people? It’s about time that we good drivers had something to communicate to these jerks just how awful they are.

Swift, Quiet Revenge

Keep these cards in your car so when you locate an a**hole in the wild (and by wild, I mean parked in a disabled space with no placard) you can simply and surreptitiously slide one under the windshield wiper. Your target will see a friendly and inviting business card, but little do they know, their world is about to come crumbling down (or something like that). Either way, you’ll make their day a little worse, which will please the Parking Gods.

Excellent Novelty Gift or Stocking Stuffer (for Naughty Children)

Looking for the perfect gag gift for your Secret Santa? Look no further. Bad parkers inspire universal hatred, unless your friend or loved one is in fact a bad parker themselves. In that case, you must immediately disown that person. It’s the only way. For everyone else, though, these consistently make for great novelty gifts, so long as the recipient has a...colorful...sense of humor.

The Cards

You might want to check your steering wheel for shit because it looks like it was parked by an asshole.

Wow! Another Euro-import driver parked his car like an asshole. Shocking!

Ford 3:50 - And the Lord sayeth, you park like a fucking moron.

My grandmother parks better than you. And she’s blind, armless, and dead.

Learn to park. Asshole.

What’s in the Package?

Each order comes with a total of 50 cards consisting of 5 jokes (10 cards per joke). If you’re not satisfied, these are backed by Witty Yeti’s 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee.