Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

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Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

The PowerUp 3.0 Bluetooth, Smart Module transforms ordinary paper planes into motorized machines, controllable directly from your smartphone.

Describe your product in 3 words.

DIY paper drone

Where did you get the inspiration for your product?

I got excited about the project in 2007 teaching immigrant kids the principles of aerodynamics. While doing research on advances in micro indoor flight I came up with the idea for a remote-controlled paper airplane. The idea gathered momentum, and by 2011 he incorporated a company to build the device, later in 2013 I integrated the smartphone factor into the product and launched a Kickstarter to fund production. The crowd funding campaign raised over $1.2 M becoming the most funded project ever in flight category.

What differentiates your product from similar products out there?

I invented the commercial solution for powered paper airplanes. The PowerUp systems universally connect to almost any paper airplane design allowing customers leverage their know how in folding paper airplanes and adding the gravity defying magic of propelled flight. There aren’t any similar products out there which are not cheap imitations.

Tell us about the best and most challenging parts of the creation process.

PowerUp 3.0 combines technology and art, it allows the customer to be involved in the creation process of a flying machine just by folding a standard copier paper. Making a sheet of paper fly and controlled for up to 10 minutes is not a simple task, the airplane must be folded and adjusted properly. Educating and explaining the creation process to my customers has been challenging, we have created a support page and FAQ data base including tutorial videos guiding our customers step by step through the creation and flying process. Once they get the hang of it, the opportunities are endless and very addicting.