Ultrasonic Pest Control Repeller

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Ultrasonic Pest Control Repeller

Pest Control by Bos—Your Efficient and Reliable Family Assistant!
Do you feel frustrated about sharing your home with rodents and insects?
Have you tried to repel them, using variousunpleasant techniques, but all were in vain?
Don’t waste your money to Pest Control Companiesthat flood your house with hazardous chemicals!

Now you have the most compellingdefender-Ultrasonic Pest Repeller!
An easy way to protect your home frompests! 
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- Effective against all pests: Spiders,Fleas, Mosquitoes, Bugs, Rodents, Roaches, Rats, Mice, Insect, Ants, Bed bugs,Fruit flies and more.
- Non-toxic and Eco-friendly: organic,chemical-free, no smell.
- Dual microchip: double power, doubleguarantee.
- High performance & multy frequencyultrasonic waves.
- Effective coverage area: up to 1,600 Sq. Ft.per unit.
- Easy to install, no setting are required.

1) This machine should be installed at 80-120cmaway from the floor for the best effect - at least 30cm (about 12inches). Plugit into wall vertically or fix power strip to the wall.
2) The installing point should be avoided from sound absorbing material, carpet,curtain, etc.
3) It’s normal that the mouse and vermin willincrease at the beginning, because they will run away from your house afterbeing attacked by the ultrasonic.
4) The device is allowed to plug directly to AC110V or 220V power socket. (Input: AC90V - 250V, Rated Frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz)
5) Caution: moisture proof, waterproof.

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